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Stratusphere™ UX

Comprehensive Monitoring and Diagnostics Solution

Stratusphere UX is a comprehensive monitoring, performance validation and diagnostics solution for organizations that support both virtual and mixed-platform (Citrix, VMware and physical) desktop environments. Unlike physical desktops, virtual desktop workloads are supported by a shared infrastructure comprised of hosts, storage, networking and a spectrum of applications and services. Stratusphere UX provides the necessary end-to-end visibility and complements other systems monitoring tools.

Learn more about Stratusphere Architecture and how Stratusphere pulls metrics data about the environment in order to provide granular visibility into your desktop transformation.

Stratusphere UX Adapter

For VMware Horizon environments, we offer a Stratusphere UX Adapter plug-in to integrate our metrics data into VMware vCenter Operations Manager dashboards.  Learn more about the Stratusphere UX Adapter.

To learn more about the solutions benefits for your desktop environment, select your area of interest from the options below:

Windows Migrations
Profile Management
Environment Management

Learn more about Stratusphere UX and how it can bring visibility to your desktop transformation journey:

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10 Easy Tips To Gain Visibility Using Stratusphere UX Preview Inspectors


Provide Visibility and Value to Help You Optimize Your Investments

Stratusphere UX helps you more effectively manage the virtual desktop environment by providing you with detailed information about the metrics that contribute to the user experience. With the solution you can track performance characteristics from the endpoint to the data center. Further, Stratusphere UX sets you on the path to move from the proof of concept to a production environment quickly and with confidence. Stratusphere UX ensures you meet current and future requirements, minimize outages and disruption to your end users, and ultimately realize the return on investment and total cost of ownership attributes derived from a thoughtful desktop transformation strategy.

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