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Desktop Management Software

Essentials Suite

Liquidware Labs provides comprehensive User Environment Management, Application Layering and User Experience Monitoring in one convenient and extremely affordable suite known as Essentials, which includes ProfileUnity with FlexApp and Stratusphere UX.


Stratusphere™ FIT

The industry-leading desktop assessment solution for organizations looking to capture physical desktop metrics, quantify resource consumption and baseline results. This solution provides organizations with the data about applications, machines, users and systems needed to make informed decisions and confidence to move forward with next-generation desktops.



ProfileUnity is sophisticated User Environment Management that ends the need for roaming profiles. The solution supports automated migrations to Windows 10 and Server 2012r2. ProfileUnity speeds overall logon times and streamlines user management, by providing unified User Profiles with Application Rights Management and Context-aware Policies to control users on any Windows OS, on any desktop delivery platform.  



FlexApp Layering "packages" applications at installation, which look "native" to Windows OS.  An advanced "micro-isolation" feature resolves application conflicts from dependent files. FlexApp's high application-compatibility rates support a radical new approach to delivering and managing applications on-demand for desktops.


Stratusphere™ UX

Stratusphere UX is a comprehensive desktop user experience monitoring, validation and diagnostics solution that independently defines and collects data metrics about desktop performance, helping to prevent issues while optimizing the desktop environment. This solution can be used stand-alone, but an API feature supports integration with other monitoring solutions and approaches.