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User and Application Virtualization Solution

ProfileUnity is an award-winning User and Application Virtualization solution for physical and virtual Windows desktops.  ProfileUnity replaces troublesome roaming profiles, group policies, logon scripts and folder redirection with full featured User Management.  Advanced features include FlexApp “follow-me” User and Department installed applications for VDI desktops. ProfileUnity also makes tedious Windows migrations a thing of the past with options to enable user profiles to seamlessly transition across most any version of Windows.  To understand how ProfileUnity can benefit your organization, select your primary interest from the options below:

Windows Migrations
Profile Management
Application Virtualization
Environment Management
Desktop Disaster Recovery


Learn more about ProfileUnity by reviewing the following quick overview video.

ProfileUnity Overview Video



Overview of ProfileUnity Console and Main Concepts

ProfileUnity Goes Beyond User Virtualization to Provide Added Value With:

FlexApp allows administrators to package, manage, and deploy applications on a context-aware basis, such as Group, Organizational Unit or individual user, without altering the base image.

FlexDisk provisions flexible user VMware VMDKs (Virtual Machine Disks) on a VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) to eliminate the streaming of applications and data over the network.

Compatibility with Flex-IO (IOPS Acceleration for VDI environments), which leverages ESXi Host RAM to significantly increase the number of available IOPS to about 25,000 or more per ESXi Host.  Flex-IO can reduce storage footprint by as much as 50% with disk compression.

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