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VMware Horizon VDI Solutions

Liquidware Labs Solutions are highly complementary to the VMware Horizon platform, enabling you to design, scale and optimize these environments with confidence.  Whether you will deploy non-persistent linked clone, stateless View desktops, or leverage new features in Horizon 6, including RDSH applications, Liquidware Labs solutions are compatible and will support not only your VMware Horizon desktops but ALL desktops in your environment, including physical devices.  In fact, ProfileUnity is VMware's Recommended Solution for User Environment Management in their Horizon End User Computing environments.

Get a quick Overview Map of how Liquidware Labs solutions extend VMware Horizon 6.

Our solutions for VMware Horizon allow you to add robust user persona management as well as user environment management to simplify virtual desktop deployments.  In addition, you can better manage VMwareThinApp and utilize our additional application virtualization approaches to further reduce cost and complexity.  End-to-end monitoring of VMware Horizon virtual desktops alerts to budding issues and supports capacity planning as your environments grow and change.   Finally, cost-effective storage acceleration software can enhance performance of the overall infrastructure, to help keep storage investments in line with budgets.   Select your area of interest from the list below to find out more about how our products can optimize your VMware Horizon desktops.

Replace VMware Persona Manager

Monitor with vCenter Operations

Manage VMware ThinApp

HealthCheck for VMware

Storage Acceleration Software -- Improve IOPS