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IOPS Acceleration for Non-Persistent VDI Environments

Flex-IO is IOPS Acceleration technology for both persistent and non-persistent VDI including VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop environments. Flex-IO leverages VMware ESXi host RAM to accelerate IOPS to approximately 25,000 or more per host. The solution efficiently uses host RAM, as little as 32GB per 100 users, to accomplish an average 40x increase per host. RAM requirements for Flex-IO are approximately 50 percent the requirements of other IOPS accelerator solutions on the market, making Flex-IO implementation very cost effective.

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Flex-IO benefits include:

  • Instantly add approximately 25,000 or more IOPS per Host.
  • IOPS are increased through an intelligent RAM cache.
  • Licensed per VDI host, less than half the cost of competitors. Per-user licensing is also available.
  • Easy to install and implement – simply download and install, and you're three clicks away from integration.
  • Requires less than 50% of RAM allocation compared with other offerings.
  • Compatible with persistent and non-persistent VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, Dell Workspace Management desktops running on VMware ESXi servers.
  • Part of a full suite of solutions across Assessment, User Experience, User Management, and User Performance Enhancement.
  • Optimizes both Read and Write IOPS
  • Reduces latency by up to 75%

Flex-IO presents a simple, scalable and affordable option to enhance VDI performance with IOPS acceleration. See a quick video here.